About us

Orimaxgroup is a financial investment group. We help you catch the opportunity to experience the safety, tenacity, with the most affordable financial resources, from which your ideas can be executed, turning them into profit.


Orimax Group include many companies operates in the field of manufaturing, trading and distributing pharmaceutical, functional food, food products; with the motto of taking business ethics and quality of products and services first to satisfy customers;


Orimaxgroup has successfully invested in the following industries:

Pharmaceutical - cosmetics - functional foods:

- Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health supplements, food supplements factories.
- Pharmaceutical distribution system in hospital channels, clinics, and pharmacies throughout the country.
- Cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to import and export drugs, health supplements and food supplements.
- Export and import of medicinal ingredients, health and food supplements ingredients.

- Clean vegetables for eating, ensuring hygiene and daily quality.
- Confectionery, soft drinks.
- Import and export food and agriculture products...

Companies that have received reasonable investment from Orimaxgroup and have gained a certain mark on the Vietnamese and international markets:

     -  Phu Thai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
     -  Phu Si Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
     -  FUSI Pharmaceutical Company Limited - FUSI Pharmaceutical Factory
     -  Sunmedical Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company
     -  Nise Vietnam Joint Stock Company
     - ORIMAX FOOD Vietnam Joint Stock Company
     - Vinh Thanh Production and Trade Company Limited




- Be accountable for making investments to help bring economic prosperity and social progress.

- Working based on the desire of partners and customers.
- Together orientating and supporting partners to obtain reliable and transparent profits at the most economical costs and minimizing risks.
- Arousing, exploiting and promoting the strengths of partners, connecting to create supply and demand, and support between the parties.


- Become a reliable financial investment entity with innovative solutions.
- Expanding the scale of investment in specialized fields to increase our position in the market and catch up with the trend of global integration.


- We receive the delegation and trust of the partner; the partner's goal is our goal.
- Operated by the benefit of the customer.
- Planning - centralized planning - passionate about performance.